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Legal Case Management is a vital service that caters to both plaintiffs and defendants, ensuring a smooth and strategic navigation of legal proceedings.

We facilitate the recovery and wellness of injured employees within the intricate workers’ compensation system.

Clinical Case Management optimizes healthcare for individuals with complex conditions.

A Pharmacology Review is a thorough assessment of medications, offering profound insights into their effects, interactions, and therapeutic applications.

Clinical Research and Trials are pivotal processes in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care.

Our injectables philosophy centers around a dedicated commitment to precision, safety, and efficacy.

Clinical Documentation Review is a meticulous process in healthcare that assesses the accuracy and completeness of patient records, ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Pre-employment screening services are a critical component of hiring processes, providing employers with valuable insights into a candidate’s background, qualifications, and suitability for a position

A collaborative medical offering with Strategically Armored & Fortified Environments (SAFE)- Bringing you and your family immediate access to medical preparedness in the face of an emergency.

Comprehensive Medical Consulting

Comprehensive Medical Consulting at our firm is a dedicated service that goes beyond conventional approaches. We specialize in optimizing healthcare operations, ensuring regulatory compliance, and fostering strategic growth. Our team of experts collaborates with healthcare providers to tailor solutions, enhancing patient care, and navigating the dynamic landscape of the medical industry. With a focus on excellence, our Comprehensive Medical Consulting is designed to drive sustained success and innovation in healthcare delivery.

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What Our Client Says

Naomi was an absolute pleasure to work with! She is an excellent team leader and case manager! She was always easily to reach by myself (PT) and our OTs, responding quickly to our questions and needs and always updating her team and doctors with any changes or concerns! She was excellent with coming up with solutions to difficult cases and never gave up! It was so helpful to have a nurse that was always on top of everything, putting her patients’ first and always keeping her team in the loop! She is one of the very best!

Kristen Kelly Physical Therapist: Western Connecticut HomeCare, Nuvance Health

Female Disruptors: As part of our series about women who are shaking things up in their industry, we had the pleasure of interviewing Naomi.

Read About Her Accomplishments!

Yitzi Weiner Founder & Editor of Authority Magazine

Naomi provided hospice case management for Logan Hospice in Montana. She was a liaison between health care professionals, providers, and patients. Naomi successfully utilized the case management process to assess patient needs, devise treatment plans, schedule appointments, and ensure all patients dynamic needs were properly coordinated. During her time at Logan Hospice Naomi managed a caseload of over 25 patients, providing support and guidance to ensure successful outcomes. Naomi developed and implemented effective strategies to ensure clients goals and objectives were met timely. She seamlessly collaborated with a multidisciplinary team to ensure best practices were implemented. Naomi is an excellent communicator with a deep understanding of the healthcare system and a strong ability to work well with a team. She is empathetic, organized, and proactive in case managing. Naomi was an asset to our team and community.

Cathy Centafanti Patient Care Coordinator Team Leader Logan Hospice Kalispell Mt.

Our Services

Explore our comprehensive suite of services at Vital RN, where strategic healthcare consultancy meets tailored solutions for operational excellence and superior patient care

Benefits Of Health Care Consulting

Operational Optimization

Maximize efficiency and streamline workflows through tailored strategies, ensuring your healthcare facility operates seamlessly and cost-effectively.

Quality Patient Care

Elevate the standard of care with evidence-based practices and innovative solutions, enhancing patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Regulatory Compliance

Stay ahead of changing healthcare regulations with our expert guidance, ensuring your organization maintains compliance and mitigates risks.

Strategic Growth

Navigate the complex landscape of healthcare with strategic planning, fostering sustainable growth and positioning your facility for long-term success.

Our Mission

Empowering Health, Enhancing Lives: Our comprehensive medical consulting company is dedicated to providing expert guidance and innovative strategies that optimize healthcare outcomes. With a focus on collaboration, innovation, and personalized solutions, we aim to transform the healthcare landscape and improve the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.

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Discover the expertise that drives our tailored health care approach.



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